How Long Does Emdr Therapy Take

The number of EMDR sessions required for healing depends upon your specific problem and the complexity of your personal history. Most people begin feeling relief immediately, even if the traumatic event has been haunting them for decades. In most cases EMDR treatment is significantly shorter than traditional therapy.

People who have experienced many early childhood traumas will likely need more sessions to complete treatment. Young children who are abused or neglected have very little experience and knowledge to help them understand life and relationships. Inaccurate beliefs that develop at that time are usually dysfunctional, and they can last a lifetime. These inaccurate beliefs may include beliefs like: “I can’t count on anyone.” “I am worthless.” “I have to be perfect.” “Sex (or physical power) is the key to success.” “I can’t do anything right.” EMDR can help heal those underlying inaccurate and dysfunctional beliefs.

What is EMDR?

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