4 7 8 Or Relaxing Breath Exercise

Use the same principles of Deep Breathing described herein and summarized as follows:

1. Inhaling through your nose using your diaphragm for a count of four (4) seconds

2. Holding your breath for seven (7) seconds, and

3. Exhaling through your mouth for a count of eight (8) seconds

Place the tip of your tongue at the roof or top of your mouth behind your front teeth when you inhale, hold, and exhale your breath.

Filling your lungs with air and holding your breathe tightens muscles. Exhaling relaxes your muscles. Exhaling for longer periods of time helps increase relaxation.

Watch Andrew Weil, MD demonstrates the 4 – 7 – 8 on his website.

Experiment with the times, especially the time you take to exhale, the longer the better.

Use your imagination to enhance your experience by:

· Adding a relaxing word like “Calm,” “Relax,” or “Peace.”

· Imagine inhaling something soothing and exhaling stress

· Add a two part phrase, one for inhaling and another for exhaling

You can make this a prayer by drawing inspiration from the bible. See Deep Breathing Exercises from a Christian Worldview .

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