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Sometimes we get caught up in everyday life and seem to go along for the ride. We may forget that every day we make choices. Our choice may be not to choose, to follow someone else’s choices and direction. Most of us are influenced by our culture as reflected on TV, in the news, and in the movies. One of the first healthy steps we can make is to accept responsibility for our choices, to start taking actions that are healthy for ourselves and others. Take what you want from this list and leave the rest.

Most people live life at a fast pace and struggle with stress. There are many things that we can do to help ourselves. These include exercises to relax our bodies, our minds, and our souls, and include relaxation and other techniques such as:

On this Web site, I plan to provide you with resources to relieve stress and provide for a better quality of life. Please check with this site often to assist you in your own goal of stress reduction, as I will be giving instructions in the various techniques, as well as adding links for your further knowledge.

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