What Does Emdr Stand For

E. M. D. R.

Eye Movement
. When Dr. Shapiro discovered the healilng power of EMDR, eye movements were
necessary for Treatment. Now we know that the beneficial effects are facilitated by any right/left
alternating stimulation such as taps, tones, or vibrations, as well as eye movements.

Desensitization refers to the removal of the emotional disturbance associated with the traumatic memory. (i.e. Instead of just learning to control your reaction, the goal of EMDR treatment is to remove the need to react.)

Reprocessing refers to the replacement of the unhealthy, negative beliefs associated with traumatic memories, with healthier, positive beliefs.

What is EMDR?

How does EMDR help?

Has EMDR been researched?

How long does EMDR therapy take?

What disorders can EMDR treat?

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